Hungry For Holiness Men's Fellowship

Our walls before God

Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of [my] hands; thy walls [are] continually before me. Isa. 49:16

The wording of this passage of scripture fascinates me. He says, I have graven thee upon MY palms. He has placed us within the pan of his grip, the center or hollow of his strength. God has ensured that we would never break free of his grip. By engraving us he has placed us literally within himself, and ensured his constant grip. That means that regardless of our faith or our walk, HE still has a hold on us!

Now look at that next part: our walls are continually before him. Normally walls are objects that separate rooms, that support roofs, that make a house a home. Without walls, nothing would stand for long, we would be exposed to the elements, and would have no privacy or means to protect ourselves.

God calls these walls OUR walls...YOUR walls are ever before me. What did he mean? Do we put up walls between us and God? Do we have barriers that hold us apart? What is the truth of this? Well here is what I think:

When the Children of Israel passed through the Red Sea the bible records that the water stood on the left and right as walls before them. (Ex. 14:29). Those walls were a defense allowing the Israelites to pass through. Those walls held back the tons and tons of water looking to crash down upon them, while presenting a clear path to the other side. In this case, those walls were erected by God and operated as a moment of protection. In our case, and the case of this scripture, God gives us protections, and allows them to become our own by virtue of our lives.

See, he engraves us into himself in order to ensure that no matter what direction we choose in life, we still reside in his grip! However, walls can be established and used to protect or separate us based on that direction. If we serve him, we knock down the walls that separate and build up walls that protect and guide, creating paths through life's troubles and seeing us through to the other side. However, if we choose not to serve him, we erect walls of separation that keep us from seeing his light and finding the right path, we wander in darkness and try to plow through the "red seas" of our lives.

Either way, the walls are ours, and either way we stand to either erect or rearrange the way they affect our relationship with God, who has us in his grip no matter what walls we use.

Fall in line with his path, friend, and knock down the walls that separate and erect walls of protection and direction. Don't' use your walls to hold you apart from his love because in reality, you can't anyway, and you are just isolating yourself.

In Love,

Elder Mark